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Mens Everyday Underwear, Day of the Week Undies

Everyday Underwear is not always the same style or design and here at Johnnies we take it a little bit further with our different day of the week underpants. Now this may not be a different style each day but it is a very popular Brief made out of very soft fabric and is comfortable to the touch and to wear, has a very stretch elastic waistband and a special print of the day of the week. Why not feel special and wear Tuesdays Brief on Tuesday and so on through the week or mix it up and have some fun, confuse your partner with some playful chit chat when it is revealed you are wearing the wrong day of the week underwear.

Feel sexy each day in a Brief style in a different colour and you can wear just one day of the week, or you can get the whole weeks worth with Sunday being free. Why not have some fun and feel extra naughty with these novelty but wearable undies

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