Mens Animal Print Underwear, Leopard, Zebra and Snake Undies

Break out into the wild in some sexy animal print underwear, and show that certain someone the tiger in you. Surprise your partner with some wild leopard print Underwear, Hot Pants or Thongs. Slither through the bedroom in a snake skin Posing Pouch or roar like a lion in a Tarzan animal print Thong Skirt - watch out Jane or John here I come! 

Leopard  and animal print has been around since we were monkeys in the jungle and is always back in fashion. Why does it keep coming back? you ask. It started when explorers bought home animal skins from far away countries and fashion scooped them up and they left their mark in history. Use by sex symbols such as Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall, promoted the fabrics and everyone had a little animal print in their wardrobes, even though some were not brave enough to wear it out in the open but watch out, behind the scenes, it was there.

Hey boys, it is time to prowl around in your special animal print and show off the slinky wild cat which is just wanting to come out of the cupboard, purr like a pussy cat and nuzzel into some hot body or curl up wrapped around your loved one in front of the fire (what no fire? - I am sure there is an app for that)

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