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Black Silky Satin Boxer Shorts Feel Great, Sexy Boxer Shorts 

Men’s satin boxer shorts.  Mate, that’s my choice of underwear, I don’t care what anyone else out there thinks – they are the bomb.  You should listen to your mate Johnnie – he’s gonna tell you how it hangs guys….ha ha get it? Yeah that’s funny eh.  Funny, but true.  It all hangs real well in a pair of silky-smooth satin boxer shorts and if you’ve never worn them boys then hey, you’re really missing out.
I’ve worn satin boxer shorts since I was kid.  And there’s only one colour, mate – black.  Black like my dad’s old HQ Monaro that me and my brother helped him rebuild… just about from scratch.  Man, it was a beautiful car – it was smooth and sleek and ran like a dream.  A bit like me in my sexy black satin boxer shorts!  The chicks love them eh. Yeah, I’m a metrosexual kind of guy.  I like to take care of myself, moisturise my skin so I smell good…. wear the latest fashion so I look sharp.  For myself, as well as the ladies. 
There’s nothing like the feel of soft satin boxer shorts against your skin.  Don’t get me wrong though – I’m not one of those tossers who lets their jeans slide down round their arse leaving their boxers sticking out underneath.  Man, that just looks so crap.  Someone said that look comes from prison dudes.  Holy f..k, so why would anyone wanna look like those losers?
I find my jeans just slide on real nice over my boxer shorts – satin is just so silky smooth… it’s like walking on air.  Well, more like sitting on air I guess.  And they sit real well – no bunching up or sneaky wedgie action.  Plenty of air and room to move is what it’s all about, mate.
Men’s boxer shorts they say, are the healthy option. You remember that movie Free Willy?  Well, that’s exactly what goes on under boxers mate.  Willy gets to just hang free and enjoy the ride.  Like me and the boys when we go cruising on a Friday night.  Keeps my swimmers happy and rearing to go when I need them – I wanna have kids one day, mate! 
Just quietly though, I do swap my boxer shorts over to something a little more exotic when its party time.  Tell us Johnnie! Ha ha ha sorry guys…time and a place my friend…time and a place.  I will tell you this though, I wear my satin boxers during the day, but at night I slide myself into an extra special pair of black silk boxer shorts – perfect for sleeping on silk sheets….maybe I’ve got a guest…maybe I haven’t.  Or maybe I’m wearing nothing at all – ha ha that’s for me to know! - Ciao.

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