Mens Fetish Underwear

Mens Fetish Underwear, Sexy Jock Straps, Thongs and Shorts in Lace, Fishnet and Latex and Leather

Where do you start on the Mens Fetish Underwear topic, it a very large range of ideas and naughty thoughts, usually relating to looking at and touching all types of underwear. It is in the eyes of the beholder to what they consider their secret fetish underwear and how much they get excited playing with it. Some people like to look at it being worn by someone else and some people like to wear the items themselves and enjoy the fabrics and accessories that go with it.

Mens fetish underwear can be made in anything from lace, sheer fabrics to hard core latex and leather and included Jock Straps with the open back for extra pleasure, lacey fancy Panties with the feminine look or a Thong or G string which may show off the butt and tease and titillate. What fantasy underwear do you like to wear?

Some of our gentlemen really like the idea of the Pantyhose or Stockings look, and love the sleekness and sheerness down the legs and going over the butt, can be worn by yourself or match up with a partner during sexual activity for some fun. Don't hold back, try the ones with the open crotch or cut some holes just where you want them and go out to play - you can even use Pantyhose to tie someone up to add to the fantasy. 

Is it leather and vinyl you prefer and like to wrap up in some very tight latex for a bit of harder excitement. There are Jockstraps in vinyl, Thongs and Hot Shorts in the very stretchy wetlook lycra which screams passion. Some of you may like the bottomless moonshine Briefs with the exposed bum or the open front, Thongs with attached cock rings for extra support and if you like to go for the leather, you can try a leather harness, open G string or Jock with metal rings and studs which will put even more glitz and glamour into your sex life

It is time to break out and wear what you really like to wear, we like to go all the way at Johnnies Closet and experiment with as many different styles in Mens Underwear as we can, now it is time for you too... 

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