Mens Briefs, Sexy Mens Briefs

Mens Briefs, Sexy Men's Briefs, Briefs on Men

There is a time and a place to wear a plain old pair of mens briefs… for sure.  And lying in a hospital bed for three months is one of them!  Man, you wouldn’t believe what happened to your mate Johnnie.  I got hurt real bad in a shocking car accident… a ‘hit and run’ by some loser drunk driver.  Christ, I nearly lost my leg!  The bone was crushed in eight places - rods and titanium pins are all that’s holding my entire right leg together.  It was bloody hellish, I tell ya.  But they got the bastard in the end.  And he’s gonna be locked up for a very long time for hurting this Johnnie boy.
So yeah, men’s briefs.  If I didn’t have a comfy pair of tighty whitey underpants to put on, I wouldn’t have lasted long being stuck in this goddam hospital bed… with my leg in plaster and strung up on wires to hold it in place.  Ha ha, yeah that’s what was good about having my super supportive cotton briefs – they hold ME in place!  Especially when it comes time for my daily sponge bath.  Man, if she’s a hot nurse, then I need to wear something to keep everything from moving around down there.  And I reckon you know what I mean!  Do you know how hard it is to disguise a stiffy when you’re stuck in bed being washed by some gorgeous woman in a nurse’s uniform?  Bloody hard!!  And you can pardon that pun if you want to.
Normally, if you’d have suggested wearing mens briefs as underpants, I’d tell you where to go.  And where to stick them.  Briefs are undies for young kids… not for a legend like me to wear.  Ha ha yeah whatever.  Well, I take it all back.  It’s too hot in this place to wear clothes – and it’s bloody impossible to put pyjama pants on, no matter how much my mum wishes she could cover me up.  I say, hey Ma… if you got it, don’t be ashamed to show it.  She gets all huffy and her knitting needles go even faster.  I mean, I work out right, so I’ve got the bod… some of these doctors could take a leave out of Johnnie’s book and do something about their soft pudgy arses if you ask me.  They’d find it a lot easier to score one of these hot nurses if they did.
I got my new sexy black men’s briefs on today.  It must be just about ‘bath’ time once again.  And it’s Tuesday… so that means yummy Nurse Kathy is on the ward.  Insert huge pelvic thrust motion there, ha ha.   But no fear of this Johnnie standing to attention though… thank god for tight as hell jocks is all I can say!!!

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