Mens Bodystockings

Mens Bodystockings, Unisex Bodystocking, Yes Men Can Wear Them Too!

Bodystockings are not just for women, they are perfect for men as they stretch and mold to body without too much effort, they are easy to slip on and most of them have an open crotch so you can dangle below or wear a Brief or Thong for added support. 

Wearing a Bodystocking shouldn't be only how you look, but how you feel. The sensation of being covered from head to toe in a soft sensuous stretch sheer nylon, stretch lace or stretch fishnet is more than you can imagine, sexy and luxurious. Imagine wearing one under your clothes and nobody can see it, feel sensual all day at the office with a little lace wrapped around your body and tush. It can be your little secret. At home wear it around the house or to bed, where dreams are all yours and you can have some naughty fun with your partner

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